Physalis Ceviche, Motherfuckers!

Remember getting a dessert in some shabby hotel in the 90s? it was like Del Boy vomited all over a Chanel knock-off and out came a Creme Brûlée. All that was needed was the ‘obfuscation’, I mean ‘disguise’, I mean …. ah hem… ‘garnish’! and this little fruit paved the way to ‘garnish’ many a mediocre hotel desert in the 90s. Hence it was (like Kate’s habit) ignored!

I’d forgotten all about it till recently when I found its deceptively autumnal bulb lurking in the corner of a local supermarket.

It’s actually a beautiful zesty fruit smelling of orange, but, for all intents and purposes it’s a baby tomato……. ohhh what to do with it? 

it wasn’t hard.

Physalis Ceviche

I hope someone has the good sense to try this because i swear to fucking God!!!!!!!!!!!

Steps (1,2,3,4, )

step 1 slice everything

step 2 add fish (no bones or skin)

step 3 squeeze in lime

step 4 add oil (extra virgin whatever)

step 5 chop herbs (coriander or parsley)

step 6 salt n pepper

step 7 wait in fridge chillin’ like a …

step 8 noma noma





hake (any white fish)

coriander (parsley, play with herbs)

salt and pepper

marinated extra virgin oil (oil)